Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm doing this for YOU!!!

Ok in all the crazy times I call my life I would like to say thanks to those whom actually read this bolg, want me to post more since I am such a slug at getting done sometimes...ok so a LOT of the time!!! I know I live far away but it means the world that you Jenn, Lindsay, and Annie still want to be friends. Lets face it we live in a world of the here and now. Neither of which I can be in your life so far away. I adore you all and thank you for call me friend and for not giving up on me when I am so far away!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not done yet!

So May and June were a bit thight in the traveling department. I went to NTI in D.C. and then saw my family the next weekend in New Haven. Well after that I got back on a plane and headed back to Germany....for three shifts ie a weekend then got BACK on a plane for Cincinnati cause a dear friend Holly was getting married. WOW it was a tireing week. But Holly was a beautiful bride and I got to see some of my old work buddies!

Almost forgot the month of April!!!

As a birthday trip for a good friend Maura we headed off to Cyprus in April! Oh the fun to be had!!!!

Maura and Ashby

Me entering the Mediterranean Sea for the first tiem EVER!!!!!

Peace out!!!! It was a great weekend!

The WONDERFUL veiw from our room!

As a birthday trip for a good friend Maura we headed off to Cyprus in April! Oh the fun to be had!!!!

Sarah's graduation

While I was on this side of the pond I got to see Sarah graduate from Yale.

Good old U-S-A!!!

The LRMC ICU sent me to NTI in May, ie I got to be sent for free to the USA!!!! Have nto seen this soil in just under a year!!!

Went walking around town and saw the sights!

The Changing of the guards was a sight to see!

All in all had a wonderful time there. I then took two extra days to see Sarah graduate from Yale. So a few metro stops and one train ride later I was in New Haven!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can't keep me away from Madrid!

Went and visited Kate agian in March 2010, also was good to see who YL has grown by leaps and bounds!

Went over to Toledo to see the sights. It all started out as a nice day....

Then Kate and I got rained out (man o man was that water cold!!!) but we did manage to keep our smiles!

The Next day in Madrid was sunny and nice!

Just in case you were wondering folks Spain does think of safety first....

Good golly Miss Molly the time has flown!!!

Ok where to start.... no idea so I will just post in whatever order I find the pictures in my files! really that is the spelling, soccer game with a few co-workers in March 2010!

Really those first four rows are us Americans, you can tell by our goofy smiles!

As you can see we had a blast!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My peeps

So with the stuff going on the news I thought I would show you the folks I love to serve. These are the folks I am honored to care for, don't ya just love 'em!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Starting the season off right!!!

Getting my first real christmas tree....the boy scouts tied me into the car.....

The tree turned out pretty nice!!

At a Christmas market down at Ashby's house!

Dallas and I (also Kate) waking up after Thanksgiving!!!

November (one post at a time I am catching y'all up on Rachel's life!!)

So this month I did a little run around in Paris, ENJOY!!

Free trip to the Alps anyone?

* Rachel * raised her hand ....
All you have to do is present a lecture on TBI for The Army Europe medical community! Oh the fun!

Oct. was a good month!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Time sure did fly by..

So I have been here a year now ... WOW! Looking back I can not believe that I have now lived here in Germany for a solid year! I have to admit the move was a HUGE leap for me. Both personally as well as proffesionally! I moved here knowing it was not going to be easy. Easy to be so far from my family, easy to be working with the military, or easy to care from 19 yr old amputate triple. And I assure you it has not be easy on any of those accounts. I have had my ups and downs, both personally as well as at work streching my knowledge of trauma to care for those assigned to me. After this last year working here at LRMC I can say that I have found a calling like no other. I deeply enjoy my work here. The soliders I care for and their families are an amazing group that I am honored to care for.

It was the hand of God that brought me here through the wounderful Shannon Wombel. (her and I pictued above). I would like everyone to know that though my two year contract ends in September I will be extending to continue my work here.

Thank you each and everyone for your support and love. There are no words to express how much it helps me knowing you still love me even when I am so far away !!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

September in Scotland

Had fun in September in Scotland!!!! Went to Edinburgh and St. Andrews.

Hello from Scotland!!!!

St. Andrews

Edinburgh Castle

The last sunrise in Scotland


Thursday, October 29, 2009

And we fianlly made it to August

Since July was crazy and I was ALL over the place I decided to do little trips in Aug. With my friend Maggie I went on a little cruise down the Rhine and did this wine tasting thing.

Over all is was a wonderful weekend and I had soooo much fun!!
Love y'all